Elton Georges, Complaints Commissioner, was the guest speaker at the Rotary Club Sunrise of Road Town’s weekly meeting on Tuesday, February 8 at Maria’s By The Sea.

He told the meeting that this is the second anniversary of his appointment to the office.

The Complaints Commissioner receives complaints from members of the public about Government agencies (officials, departments or statutory bodies), investigates the complaints and if he finds them to be justified, writes a report on each with recommendations to the relevant government agency.

The courts, judges and magistrates are outside his jurisdiction.

Georges said that his office received 18 complaints in the first year and 30 approaches in the second year, of these 30 approaches, about 19 of them were investigated.

He said that after an investigation is concluded, the Commissioner will write his findings and opinion; he will inform both the complainant and the head of the Government agency involved.

If he recommends action to remedy an injustice he will send a copy of the report to the Governor and every member of the Cabinet. If the complaint is found to be without substance, then he will inform the complainant, giving his reasons and findings.

He said two of the most popular reasons for complaints made to his Office are when the relevant government department fails to respond to an application, or responds in a negative manner and no reasons given for the decision.