The Youth Empowerment Project YEP is reporting significant progress in its efforts to contribute to the positive development of youth in the territory.
Executive Director Stacy Mather made a presentation to the Rotary Club Sunrise of Road Town this morning, in which he spoke about the history of the organization and highlighted success stories.

YEP is a community based building located in Fat Hog's Bay designed solely for hosting youth programmes and activities. It is open daily after school and on Saturdays, public holidays and school vacations. No fees or dues are payable.

YEP was launched in 2007 with the goal of enriching the lives of youth in the 7th and 8th Districts and surrounding areas through after school programmes. YEP now caters to between 90 and 150 members between the ages of 10-15 years. There are approximately 3 males to every female attending YEP.

Mather said the operation relies heavily on volunteers and community support to provide numerous activities for the youth ranging from homework help, art and craft to team building exercises , water sports and environmental sciences.

Providing YEP statistics, the Executive Director said:

* 95% of members stated that YEP keeps them out of trouble 
* 85% said YEP helps them learn how to say no to things 
* 88% said YEP helps them to deal calmly with persons being mean to them 
* 91% agreed that YEP helps them to do better in school 
* 96.3% agreed that YEP has helped them to make new friends 
* 88.8% said YEP helps them to learn about other people and cultures 
* 90% agreed that YEP has helped them feel better about themselves

For more information about YEP, call 495 2010 or visit

The Rotary Club Sunrise of Road Town plans to partner with YEP so that Rotarians can mentor the students and work with them on certain projects. The first project is being planned for early June in Virgin Gorda. The Rotary Club Sunrise of Road Town is the newest Rotary Club in the BVI, having received its charter in April.

Also during Tuesday's breakfast meeting held at Maria's By The Sea Hotel and Restaurant, the club inducted one new member - Rosemarie Flax and heard reports from members who attended the Rotary District 7020 conference in St. Croix earlier this month.