Earthweek is both a celebration of appreciation for our earth and of the environmental movement's successes thus far as well as an excellent opportunity for discussion of environmental issues and solutions. While Earth Week was celebrated world-wide this past week from April 20-24th, the Rotary Club Sunrise of Road Town thought we would take a little time to highlight the theme of Going Green since as a Club we do want to focus a lot of our attention on the environment and on clean living.

Here are a couple tips for Going Green:

1. Change A Light Bulb -By replacing a standard bulb with a compact fluorescent one you will get more light for less money and save a lot of energy.
2. Grow A Garden.- A garden provides flowers, vegetables, and environmental benefits. It can help to reduce soil erosion and may help to reduce some kinds of air pollution. Try to grow your garden using as few pesticides and chemical fertilizers as possible.
3. Unplug appliances when you're not using them. Or, use a "smart" power strip that senses when appliances are off and cuts "phantom" or "vampire" energy use.
4. Buy locally grown organic vegetables, eggs, and dairy whenever you can. Purchasing from local farmers keeps money in the local economy.
5. Skip the bottled water - Bring a reusable water bottle, preferably aluminum rather than plastic, with you when traveling or at work so you can refill at the water cooler.
6. Borrow from the National Library instead of buying personal books. This saves money, not to mention the ink and paper that goes into printing new books.
7. Make your own cleaning supplies- The big secret: you can make very effective, non-toxic cleaning products whenever you need them. All you need are a few simple ingredients like baking soda, vinegar, lemon, and soap.

Let us do our little part to make the world a Greener place to live!