In recognition of  “New Generations Month”, our meeting was run by members of the Rotaract Club of Tortola.

In particular, PP Abbi acted as President, SAA Ricky as Sargent-At-Arms,Secretary Zinna as Secretary of Sunrise, Treasurer Rennea as Treasurer of Sunrise and Rotaractor Cristell as Sunrise Greeter. Collectively, they executed their duties extremely well and their efforts were duly acknowledged with a thunderous round of applause from the membership and guests at the end of the meeting. It would be remiss of me however, if I didn't highlight the brief cameo of SAA Ricky.
To deputize for our SAA Heskith is no small feat but to do it with authority, the efficiency of a deprived but determined tax collector and still make people laugh... well I must say congrats to you and a job well done. Who would have thought that a Rotaractor would have significantly enriched the "Coffers" and in the process, fine both the President and Past President in one breath and then reprimand another prominent Rotarian for trying to "Tell him how to do his job!"   The audacity of the youth.... you have to love them, I certainly do!
Sunrise also made a few significant announcements including:
·         Immediate Past President Monica Ramgeet presented a new banner to The Rotary Club Sunrise of Road Town and was accepted by President Ken Guiste. The said banner was immediately put to use at the Joint Rotary Meeting today. We at Rotary Sunrise are most grateful for this donation from our Past President and it is in line w ith the consistent displays of generosity that she has shown throughout Rotary Sunrise's existence..... and us members will never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever forget this donation.... For more information, please see Banner for further details... LOLOLOL!
·         Dr. Anne Monroe, Vice President of HLSCC who transferred her membership from the “Traverse City Twilight Club” in Michigan was given a membership pin and recognized as a member of The Rotary Club Sunrise of Road Town. The membership growth of Rotary Sunrise continues!
·         Rotarian Danielle Ellis received her sponsorship pin from President Ken, as she was away during the induction ceremony performed by District Governor Diana White during her visit.
The guest speaker at today’s meeting was Ms. Einstein Samuels who is the President of Parents and Caregivers of Children with Special Needs. Ms. Samuel told about the experience of her own eleven year old son who was diagnosed at an early age with PDD. 
Ms. Samuels meets with a group of about 45-50 parents, where they encourage and support each other in trying to assist the children with individual needs. It is clear from Ms Samuels' presentation that she is passionate about the care of children with special needs and her drive and effort to bring awareness of the challenges of special needs kids in the BVI should be recognized and admired.