Today, our meeting was chaired by Rotaract!  Our breakfast at Marias By The Sea was packed to capacity, to the point where they ran out of food!  Our meeting was full of extra energy and AG Delma watched on as we heard from Mr. Marquese Maduro, our guest speaker for the week.  Mr. Maduro spoke about recycling initiatives covering glass, metal waste, and compost, etc.  It was amazing to hear the various initiatives being spearheaded by the Waste Management Department, and I am thoroughly excited about the possibilities.  Imagine finally having the ability to recycle!  They even started a "curbside" pickup!  Mr. Maduro's presentation was so moving that President-Elect Jean began to practically recruit him on the spot to join our club!  

Don't miss Guess Whose Foot on Friday, hosted by His Excellency and Mrs. McCleary!  Tickets are only $25.00!

-Norman L. Allen