Highlights of weekly meeting (13 July, 2010)
Fellow Rotarians Today's meeting was another lively gathering with highlights from what was a rather busy weekend for Rotary Sunrise. PE Donna and Rotarian Laura reported on the Special Olympics and Premier's Cup events, respectively and VP Richard provided a summary of Rotary Sunise's meeting with the YEP students. Rotarian Vincent also gave us more details on our service project planned for this Saturday (17 July) in Virgin Gorda. We are slated for a power-packed 3-hour session of painting and yard cleaning for one of VG's elderly residents. Speedy's leaves Road Town at 9am on Saturday. Our guest speaker was the Labour Commissioner, Olivine Maynard. Mrs. Maynard gave us an overview of the New Labour Code 2010 which was passed into law earlier this year. The topic proved to be interesting and relevant to all and we had the opportunity to dialogue with the Commissioner. Many thanks to Rotarian Omonike for arranging today's guest speaker. Congratulations to SAA Heskith who is off to England tomorrow to receive his fellow of the Royal College of Physicians! Richard Arthur Rotary Club Sunrise of Road Town Message Credit, Rtn Laura.